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Vanishing Point: Race Laps (actual race started December 28, 2010)
Tala ng karera papunta at paalis ng opisina
Race = Karera = Career

Intervening as Employee No. 55 to the National Museum of the Philippines, Buen Calubayan collects office documents such as Income Tax Returns (ITRs), Daily Time Records (DTRs), Memos, and certificates (Race Papers); records the weekly flag ceremony (Race Flag); and catalogs everything he owns for his Statements of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth. 

Race Laps is a day-to-day time log of his travel from home to office and vice-versa. The process includes identifying five (5) key locations as laps (see Route Map), namely: Forbes, Morayta, Quiapo, Lawton, and City Hall, with Craig and the National Museum (NM) as the starting/end points; identifying the mode of travel and fare; recording food intakes, weather conditions, and other notations like daily accomplishments, readings, etc.

This blog exhibits a 3-month segment of Race Laps with one year delay of time log under the Vanishing Point Project.